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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.


You never forget your first sip

Matt is a highly respected figure in the beer industry, a reputation earned through over 12 years of dedicated service and diverse experience. His resume includes roles in beer publication, where he developed a deep understanding of the craft, and as a BJCP beer judge, leveraging his refined palate and extensive knowledge. He excelled in beer sales, driving growth with market insights and customer relations skills. As a taproom manager, Matt demonstrated leadership and created exceptional customer experiences. His hands-on brewing experience has provided practical insights into production. Matt’s multifaceted expertise and commitment to excellence solidify his reputation as a versatile and knowledgeable professional in the beer world.

Owner / Brewing OperationsMATHEW RENDA


You never forget your first bite!

With 17 years of extensive experience in the hospitality industry, including notable tenures at Mill St Brewery, FAB Concepts, and other distinguished establishments, Mike has established a strong reputation for delivering quality food. In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mike invested in a smoker and a case of brisket, refining his skills in the art of smoking meats. By selling smoked meats on the marketplace during this period, he not only navigated the downtime but also honed his craft. This journey has led us to where we proudly stand today. His dedication and resilience have been key to overcoming the industry’s challenges. We are excited to continue sharing our passion for exceptional smoked meats with our customers.

Owner / Corporate ChefMike Rae

Erik Treble

Retail & Hospitality Manager
Boshkung Social

Samantha Saunders

Retail & Hospitality Manager
Boshkung Smokehouse

Deb Banks

Sales & Events Manager
Boshkung Brewing & Smokehouse

Kenneth Scott

Sous Chef
Boshkung Smokehouse

Owen Duhaime

Outside Sales & Delivery
Boshkung Brewing Co.